Lifecare Residences NZ


In this section we have outlined typical questions we are often asked, that you should ask your Village Manager when considering moving into a retirement village.  

> Are there any special requirements to becoming a resident?  

> What is included with my property?

> Are the facilities open to the public?

> What activities are available?

> What assistance is available should I need it?

> What happens about ongoing care as I get older?

> Can my friends and family stay with me?

> What happens to my property when I go on holiday?

> Can I have a pet?

> Are there rules in the Village?

> What is the Weekly Fee and what does it cover?  

> Does the Weekly Fee continue indefinitely?

> What other expenses will I be responsible for?

> Will I have a say in decision-making?

> Will there be regular financial reporting to residents?

> What happens if I decide that the lifestyle is not for me?

> Are there any hidden costs when I leave?

> Who pays for the refurbishment of the property when I leave?

> What happens if my property doesn’t sell straight away?