Lifecare Residences NZ

Points to Consider

Points to Consider Before Buying into a Retirement Village include:

When the best time is for you to make the move

Retirement is a good time to consider a change in your lifestyle but you don’t have to have stopped working to move into a retirement village - in fact, more of our residents are still working in some capacity when they move in.  You may wish to make certain lifestyle changes or your needs may have changed. Our retirement villages are built with your independence in mind.

Visit different types of villages

There are many different types of retirement villages (see our guide on Property Styles), so it is best to plan a visit to different retirement villages you are interested in to see how they differ from each other in housing options, facilities and services, lifestyle and community.  

Identify your ideal lifestyle in a retirement village

Make a list of the things that are most important to you in your retirement and look for retirement villages that have these things on offer.  

Talk to the current residents

Who knows better than the residents, about what life is like in a particular retirement village?  If you can’t make a visit to our retirement villages you can see some resident video testimonials by clicking here.

Think about the future

Consider what your needs could be in the future - will you be able to stay in a particular retirement village if your mobility or health declines?  Finding about a retirement village’s care facilities and services is important.

Find out about the total cost of ownership

It is normal to have certain service fees at retirement villages to help make your life easier.  These can include help with cleaning or cooking, property maintenance and more.

On top of service fees you also need to know how much is payable on entry, and your share in any capital gains or losses when you leave.  These will affect your future and the choices you have.

Read the documentation

Take your time to go through all the documentation associated with buying into a retirement village, including living in and leaving.  You may want to get independent financial or legal advice to help you with this.


Involve your family or friends in your final decision.